Diabetes is not indiscriminate, young age like you, Millennials do not guarantee that they are free from the risk of diabetes.

If you like to feel achy body, hungry or thirsty, tired easily, and often. Beware of diabetes early on.

So it is important for you to find out the causes of diabetes symptoms at a young age. What can cause you to have the potential to get diabetes at a young age??

Like Snacking

Do you like snacking?? The habit of snacking on unhealthy foods can be the cause of diabetes.

Especially now that there are many contemporary foods that are definitely tempting to try. But, You have to be wise in choosing food, Don't because eating these foods makes you have the potential to suffer from hidden diabetes.

Launching from the Klikdokter channel, The following are contemporary snacks that can trigger diabetes:.

  • Boba Drink

The sugar and milk content has been found in boba drinks. In addition, the boba concoction also contains a lot of sugar and flour so that it can increase the risk of diabetes.

  • Chicken Crispy

This snack uses flour and seasonings that are fried in hot oil. Not only susceptible to diabetes, The oil content can turn into fat which causes health complications such as cholesterol and even obesity.

  • Cheese Tea

Sugar content, milk, as well as the combination of cream cheese in the drink can increase blood sugar levels significantly. This increase in sugar levels can lead to diabetes and other health complications.

  • Egg Roll

The oil content in egg rolls has the potential to make obesity, which can increase the risk of diabetes.

  • Corn Dog

Bread flour as the main ingredient of corn dog, made from carbohydrates and a certain amount of sugar that can increase blood sugar levels.

Lazy (Thin)

The development of technology is one of the causes of this millennial trend. Yup, thin, Just imagine for those of you who are currently doing WFH or online lectures.

Where are you lazy, If you need something, just open Android. Until you become less mobile. Be careful lol, mostly lying down because mager can increase your risk of developing diabetes.

So do lots of movement so that you can make the body fitter and burn fat in the body.

Eat a lot of fried food

This one food, it's a lot of people's favorite. It's delicious and crunchy so we don't get tired of eating it.

even though, Fried foods are one of the foods that increase the risk of diabetes. So from now on, don't eat fried food too often.

Consumption of too many sweet drinks

Everything that is consumed in excess will certainly have a bad impact on body health.

Likewise with sweet drinks, Consuming sweet drinks that contain sugar will make you susceptible to diabetes.

Nah, To keep your blood sugar levels normal you can replace sugar with natural sweeteners made from stevia leaves.

Now you understand, There are several things that can cause you to be prone to diabetes, even though you are young.

So from now on you should avoid or reduce snacking habits, lying around, fatty foods, and excessive sugar consumption.

Better, Switch to a healthy diet, like drinking sugar-free drinks, like Tehdia.

Come on, try Tehdia. This sweet teabag drink is made from black tea that uses stevia as a sweetener.

So it's safe for everyone to consume, even if you have diabetes.  Want to know more about Tehdia, just visit www.tehdia.co.id.


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