Sometimes work can make a person feel very tired because it drains time and energy. It triggers stress in someone.

If this happens for a long time, it will have an impact on health problems known as burnout syndrome. Then, what is burnout syndrome?

What is Burnout Syndrome?

Burnout syndrome is a negative psychological state of a person, where he feels stressed, unstable emotion, tired, not spirit, can even get sick easily. This psychological condition is related to work. So this health condition is also known as occupational burnout or job burnout.

Evidently, This psychological condition does not only occur at work, People with chronic diabetes are also prone to experiencing stress related to their illness. Patients with type diabetes mellitus 1 and type diabetes mellitus 2 which has been chronic, should regularly check blood sugar levels, taking diabetes medication, and regulate diet by doing a diabetes diet.

Those conditions, sometimes makes the patient bored, tired, to have diabetes burnout syndrome. This has an impact on the psychological behavior of the sufferer, such as ignoring their blood sugar levels and the diet they follow. Lantas, What are the causes of this diabetes burnout syndrome??

Causes of Diabetes Burnout Syndrome

The main cause of diabetes burnout syndrome is the stress experienced by sufferers due to their disease conditions. Usually, This condition is accompanied by psychological changes, as:

  • Feeling upset/angry about diabetes.
  • Frustrated with diabetes management.
  • Feeling unmotivated to change.
  • Feeling alone and isolated.

How to Overcome Diabetes Burnout Syndrome

Even though it's natural, but diabetes burnout syndrome can be dangerous for the sufferer. If not treated immediately, this condition can make sufferers frustrated and want to end their lives by eating foods that cause diabetes without paying attention to its effect on their blood sugar levels..

Launching from the Klikdokter channel, Here are some ways that can be done to overcome diabetes burnout syndrome:, that is:

  • Do not push yourself

When you are doing a diabetes diet program, don't push yourself too much. try to change little by little, do it gradually, and don't be extreme.

  • Ask the People Near You for Help

When you feel bored and no longer excited to go on a diet, it's good you tell this to the people closest to you.

Tell them your complaints, even though sometimes you don't get a solution to the problems you feel.

But at least by pouring out your feelings towards those closest to you, will make you more comfortable and they will give a positive response, like encouraging them to keep on a diet.

  • Follow Doctor's Advice

Sometimes, of course, feeling lazy will come to you, tired to check blood sugar levels and consult a doctor.

Remember that it's all for your good, if you ignore it then it can worsen your disease condition and can be at risk of complications.

  • Asking a Doctor or Psychologist for Help

If you feel this is already so annoying and you can't find a way out. You should immediately contact a doctor or psychologist for consultation.

  • Take Time for Yourself

Make time to do the things you love, like a hobby or meeting up with friends.

  • Relax

Nah, to calm down, relax by drinking a cup of tea. Its antioxidant content will make you more relaxed and calm.

You can try Tehdia, black tea that uses stevia leaves as a sweetener. Because it is made from stevia sweetener, Tehdia is safe for diabetics to consume. Curious? Just visit www.tehdia.co.id.


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