Tropical Punch Tehdia

Tropical Punch Tehdia

Sweet Friends, This afternoon I want to drink something fresh? For “Tropical Punch Tehdia” just. This is Mindia's favorite drink, because the sweet and sour taste can make you excited, and of course stay healthy #infinitive

Ingredient :
Tea brewing

How to make :
Add ice cubes into a glass of tea steeping, add pineapple, and mango, then add lemon juice to taste. Tehdia Tropical Punch is ready to be enjoyed.



Tehdia Milk Tea Lychee

Tehdia Milk Tea Lychee

Tehdia lychee is really delicious when served cold, but have you ever tried Tehdia Milk Tea Lychee which tastes really good for those who like tea with a creamy and sweet taste of lychee?

Nah, #CobaRasa this time Mindia will make Tehdia Milk Tea Lychee made from easily available ingredients, try to make it too sweet!


– 2 Teabag Lychee
– 100ml of water
– 200ml Low Fat Milk
– Ice cubes as needed


1. Brew two bags of Tehdia with 100 ml of water
2. Put enough ice cubes into a glass then add 200 ml of milk
3. Pour Tehdia into a glass.
4. Tehdia Milktea is ready to be enjoyed.

For more details, you can see how to make Tehdia Milk Tea Lychee on the official Tehdia youtube below

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From now on you should avoid or reduce snacking habits, lying around, fatty foods, and excessive sugar consumption. Better, Switch to a healthy diet, like drinking sugar-free drinks, like Tehdia.

Come on, try Tehdia. This sweet teabag drink is made from black tea that uses stevia as a sweetener. So that Tehdia lychee is very good to be consumed with family. Especially if you like to drink sweet drinks but want to keep implementing a healthy lifestyle and running a diet program. Want to know more about Tehdia, just visit www.tehdia.co.id/artikel.

Es Tehdia Kiwi Selasih

Es Tehdia Kiwi Selasih

Try this taste, Mindia will make Es Tehdia Kiwi Selasih #ManisnyaSehat which is suitable to be enjoyed as a thirst quencher.

Ingredient : TEHDIA Original, water and ice cubes to taste, kiwi and basil to taste.

How to make: Brew TEHDIA as usual, Put the ice cubes in a different glass, add sliced ​​kiwi, then add basil according to taste, after that put the TEHDIA steeping into the glass.

it, Es Tehdia Kiwi Selasih is ready to be enjoyed. good luck! #Your Sweet Companion



– 1 Original Tehdia Pouch (cold brew)
– 1 tsp Basil Seeds
– 1 tbsp Honey
– Enough ice cubes

Ways of making:
– Prepare ice cubes in a glass
– Add honey into a glass that already contains ice cubes
– Add basil that has been soaked in hot water and expands into a glass filled with ice
– Put the original, cold brewed Tehdia Sugar Free Sweet Teabags into the glass
– Es Tehdia Honey Basil is ready to be served


TEHDIA Empon Empon

TEHDIA Empon Empon

Sweet friend, During this pandemic, it's a good idea to eat a good and healthy diet to keep your immune system stable. Therefore, at #TobaRasa this time, Mindia will make Tehdia Empon-empon made from natural spices and herbal teabags, which are naturally sweet.. The ingredients and the method of making it are also easy.
Let's try to make a sweet friend!

Tehdia Empon-Empon Recipe

  • 2 Original Teabags
  • 2 Ginger Segment
  • 3 Cut Dried Turmeric
  • 3 Dried Kencur Cut
  • 3 Cut Dried Ginger
  • 1 Cinnamon Cut
  • Sufficient Secang Wood
  • Enough Pandan Leaves
  • To taste Dried Lemongrass


  1. Wash all ingredients first
  2. Bruised Ginger (baked first is more delicious)
  3. Boil all the spices, after boiling put into the teapot
  4. Then enter 2 Original Tehdia pouch,
  5. Shut up 2 minute, dip and stir slowly
  6. Put it in the glass
  7. Tehdia Empon-empon is ready to be enjoyed

Vary your Tehdia to welcome a sunny day by staying healthy with Tehdia!
Healthy Greetings.

#Try #Tehdia #SweetHealth #Your Sweet Companion #SedariDini

TEHDIA Wedang Uwuh

TEHDIA Wedang Uwuh

Hello sweet friends, on this already cold morning#LydiaCeritaRasa will share the recipe for making Tehdia Wedang Uwuh.

Besides the delicious aroma and warmth, This Tehdia Wedang Uwuh can make the body fresh and maintain maximum endurance.

Portion 4 Cup of Tehdia Wedang Uwuh.

600ml of water
2 Original Teabags
2 Ginger Segment
Sufficient Secang Wood
Enough clove handle
2 Sweet leaves don't dry
2 Dried clove leaf
2 Dried nutmeg leaves
1 Cinnamon sticks

How to make:
1. Wash all ingredients first
2. Bruised Ginger (baked first is more delicious)
3. Boil all the spices, then put it in the teapot
4. Then add two original Tehdia bags, keep quiet for 2 minute, dip and stir slowly.
5. Serve, Tehdia Wedang Uwuh is ready to be enjoyed.

Vary your day to welcome the day to stay healthy with Tehdia!

Healthy Greetings.#CobaRasa

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