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What is TEHDIA?

TEHDIA is a straight sweet teabag without calories because it does not contain sugar. TEHDIA is made from selected tea leaves and stevia leaves.

What's the difference between TEHDIA and other packaged teas??

TEHDIA is a tea bag that can immediately give a sweet taste when brewed without the need for adding sugar or other sweeteners. In addition to providing a natural sweet taste, The content of stevia leaves in TEHDIA also provides health benefits to the body.

Why does TEHDIA taste sweet but sugar free?

TEHDIA provides a sweet but sugar-free taste because the sweetness in TEHDIA is obtained from stevia leaves which function as a natural sweetener with zero calories and without the slightest added sugar..

What is the sweet source of TEHDIA?

The sweet source of TEHDIA is from the natural sweetener of stevia leaves.

What are the benefits of Stevia in TEHDIA?

Stevia in TEHDIA has many benefits. In addition to providing a natural sweet taste that does not contain calories, stevia also contains stevioside which has a function to control blood sugar levels in the body to remain stable and even able to reduce excess sugar levels for diabetics. The content of stevioside has an antihypertensive effect by suppressing systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Apart from steviolbiside, rebaudiosida, and dulcoside, Stevioside content in stevia leaves has an anti-inflammatory effect.

What are the benefits of Black Tea in TEHDIA?

As many already know, Black tea has many health benefits, Among other things, tea contains antioxidants that can help prevent chronic diseases, like cancer, cardiovascular disease, heart attack, and diabetes. The antioxidant content in tea can also help the body ward off free radicals. Tea also contains one type of mineral, such as potassium which is relatively high. Potassium contained in black tea is useful for maintaining balance and lowering systolic and diastolic blood pressure significantly.

How do I save TEHDIA? How to know the expiration?

TEHDIA should be stored tightly closed, in a dry, cool place. Do not store TEHDIA in a humid place and exposed to direct sunlight. For the expiry date of TEHDIA can be seen on the front of the packaging box.

Whether children can drink TEHDIA?

Can be for children 2 years and above

Is TEHDIA safe for pregnant women to consume??


How much TEHDIA can I consume in one day?

To get optimal results, it can be consumed 2-3 times a day regularly at least 3 month.

How many pockets inside 1 box TEHDIA?

1 TEHDIA box contains 20 teabag @2 gram

Why TEHDIA can help boost the body's immune system?

TEHDIA can help improve the body's immune system because of the natural ingredients in TEHDIA, namely black tea and stevia leaves. Black tea has antioxidant properties and stevia has anti-inflammatory properties, both of which are synergistic in increasing the body's immune system.

How many times to use for 1 TEHDIA pouch?

1 TEHDIA pouch is recommended for 1-2 times of use.

Is TEHDIA a drink for diet??

TEHDIA is suitable for consumption for those who are on a diet because TEHDIA is a sweet teabag that does not contain sugar and is low in calories., so that the addition of TEHDIA to the daily menu will not interfere with the pattern of calorie intake for those who are on a diet

Is everything that contains sugar healthy??

Depending on the type and amount and frequency of use. The recommended sugar consumption limit of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia per person per day is 50 g or equivalent to 5-9 teaspoon.

Can people diagnosed with diabetes drink TEHDIA?

People with diabetes diagnosis can drink TEHDIA because TEHDIA is a straight sweet teabag without sugar. The sweet taste in TEHDIA comes from the natural sweetener of stevia which does not contain calories so it is safe for consumption by diabetics.

Is TEHDIA safe for diabetes survivors to consume??

People with a diagnosis of diabetes are very safe to drink TEHDIA because TEHDIA is a straight sweet teabag without containing sugar. The sweet taste in TEHDIA does not cause an increase in blood sugar levels so it can be a sweet drink solution for diabetes survivors.

Stevioside is a substance contained in stevia leaves. what's that?

Stevioside is a diterpene glycoside compound with a high level of sweetness 200-300 times cane sugar. This compound is responsible for giving the stevia leaf a sweet taste.

Why TEHDIA is made from Black Tea?

TEHDIA is made from Black Tea because Black Tea is one of the most consumed types of tea by the people of Indonesia. The content of black tea is also very beneficial for the health of the body so it is suitable to be combined with stevia leaves as a healthy drink with the right sweet taste.

Is TEHDIA a substitute for sweet drinks??

TEHDIA can be used as a healthier substitute for sweetened drinks because the sweeteners used in TEHDIA are natural and contain no calories.. other than that, TEHDIA also has a lychee flavor variant that gives it a more interesting taste.

Does TEHDIA contain artificial sweeteners??

TEHDIA does not contain artificial sweeteners. TEHDIA uses stevia leaf as a natural sweetener to give it a sweet taste in its preparations.

Where can I buy TEHDIA?

TEHDIA is now available on eCommerce Partners, Marketplace, Griya Supermarket, Pharmacy Pharmacy, K24 Pharmacy and our Sweet Partners throughout Indonesia

What is Natural Ingredients or NI?

Natural Ingredients or natural ingredients are all ingredients that come from nature and are taken naturally

Does TEHDIA contain preservatives??

TEHDIA does not contain preservatives.

Is it true that TEHDIA doesn't make you fat??

TEHDIA does not contain sugar so it is low in calories, so it won't make you fat.

Can TEHDIA lose weight??

Men who drink between a quarter cup or a full cup of tea per day have less body fat than men who don't drink tea. Same with girls. Women who drink tea regularly have lower fat content around 2,3% compared to those who do not regularly drink tea. Tea can be used as a drink to fight hunger. This is the best way to regulate the body's metabolism. Drinking tea regularly can also increase energy expenditure during 24 hours and improve body shape by reducing the fat content in the stomach. Sweet warm teas such as Tehdia, a combination of tea and stevia leaves, can soothe the stomach and save you from the temptation to eat.

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