Sweet friends at #TryRasa this time, Mindia wants to share your #Sweet Companion recipe, namely macaroni schootel. Can be served for breakfast, dinner, or as a delicious snack served with Tehdia. good luck!

3 garlic clove
100 gr chopped chicken
Grated carrots
200 gr of boiled macaroni
100ml of liquid milk
3 tbsp wheat flour
Nutmeg powder

sanitary napkin :
Panir flour

How to make:
1. Saute garlic, add chicken and carrots.
2. Stir until evenly, add boiled macaroni.
3. Add cheese, pepper powder, nutmeg and seasoning.
4. Add milk and flour, stir until it can be formed.
5. round dough, then put it in the egg, then roll in panir flour.
6. Fry until cooked.
7. Fried schootel macaroni is ready to be eaten as your #sweet companion

Macaroni Dish

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