Bandung – Indonesian Student Association (PPI) Turkey together with the Indonesian Diaspora and the Indonesian Consulate General in Istanbul successfully held the inaugural Festival of the Turkish Senggol Market at the Halic Congress Merkez, Istanbul, Friday 05 June 2022 from 10.00 – 18.00 Turkey Time. PPI Dunia and Rumah BUMN also contributed to the success of the Senggol Market Festival.

The implementation of the Senggol Market Festival came from a discussion between the diaspora with the Indonesian Consulate General in Istanbul about the need for a forum for the Indonesian diaspora economic community to introduce and market their products to the Indonesian people in Turkey to the local Turkish community.. Through the results of the discussion, The Indonesian Consul General in Istanbul directly appointed the Chair of the Indonesian Migrant Workers Istanbul (PMII), Pariani Windana as the organizer of the inaugural event of the Turkish Senggol Market in Istanbul. By cooperating with the Chairman of the Indonesian Society of Istanbul (MII) Linda Duristi, Fauzul Azhim as General Chairperson of PPI Turkey with his team, and Aldi Subakti from Istanbul student representatives to organize the Senggol Market Festival which combines aspects of economic and culinary promotion as well as Indonesian cultural performances in Istanbul for the first time.

Senggol Market Festival comes after being inspired by exhibitions of other countries' products which often become the center of attention. This is the dream of the Indonesian Diaspora in Turkey who wants to present an exhibition of Indonesian culture and products that is no less prestigious than other ASEAN countries.

“So mainly to increase these local products to the Global Market what we need is we need collaboration” holds Prof.. Dr. Keri Lestari Makeup, M. And, Apt in welcoming the Senggol Market Festival

This integrated festival was also attended by the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to Turkey Dr. Then M Iqbal, Konsul Jenderal Republik Indonesia di Istanbul Bapak Imam As’ari dan Ibu Novianti As’ari, dan Konjen dari negara lainnya seperti, Konjen Malaysia, Konjen Korea, Konjen Vietnam, dan Konjen Australia. Pengunjung Festival perdana ini mencapai 3000 orang dalam waktu satu hari yang datang dari dalam maupun luar kota Istanbul yang terdiri dari warga Indonesia, Asia, maupun warga internasional dan lokal Turki turut antusias berpartisipasi.

Pameran itu diramaikan oleh 73 peserta, yang terdiri dari 41 Indonesian diaspora entrepreneurs in Turkey, 24 business people from Indonesia, including 14 fostered MSMEs 6 SOEs who are members of the SOE House and eight participants from Turkish business actors and the ASEAN diaspora (Thailand, Philippines and Malaysia).

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