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Switch your tea with Tehdia

Tehdia is the first sugar-free sweetened teabag in Indonesia with the benefits to maintain caloric intake and control blood sugar levels in the body. Tehdia has stevioside to develop the activity of insulin secrecy able to control blood sugar levels in order to prevent diabetes.

Stevia is approximately 200-300 times as sweet as ordinary sugar for the body with no calories. Stevia substitutes sugar with a natural sweetening flavor with the benefits of health and blood sugar level control. Tehdia is a naturally sweetened teabag without additional sugar and is good to be consumed anytime all days. This is the new answer for those worried about diabetes.

Benefits of Stevia in Tehdia

To decrease high blood sugar levels

Stevia rebaudiana bertoni is able to decrease high blood sugar levels through the development of insulin secrecy and the decrease of glucagon secrecy in the α-pancreas cell.

To stimulate insulin secrecy

Stevioside in stevia functions as a stimulation of insulin secrecy and the development of insulin sensitivity by directly working in the beta pancreas cell.


Stevioside has an anti-hypertension effect by lowering the systolic and diastolic pressures.


Besides steviolbioside, rebaudioside, and dulcoside, stevioside in stevia leaves has an anti-inflammation effect.

Tehdia as Indonesia's Innovation

Tehdia is a product resulted from the Indonesia’s innovation research led by Prof. Dr. Keri Lestari Dandan, M.Si., Apt. in collaboration with the Faculty of Pharmacy Universitas Padjajaran (UNPAD) Indonesia. Following are some research articles that produce Tehdia Indonesia’s innovation.

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