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PT Darya Padma Enoes as a company that produces sugar-free sweet teabags first established in 2015. At that time PT Darya Padma Enoes doing research for TEHDIA products as a solution to enjoy sweet drinks with a healthy lifestyle.

TO DO comes as the only naturally sweet teabag that can be brewed without adding sugar. TO DO is an exclusive concoction of the best tea and stevia leaves, gives birth to a unique taste and delicious sensation.

Lead Researcher To do

"The mechanism of stevioside to control blood sugar levels is as follows:In the body, stevioside will undergo hydrolysis to become steviolbiside which will immediately be converted into steviol. This steviol will increase activity insulin in the body so that blood sugar levels will drop,Thus, stevia has the potential to be antidiabetic and can prevent Diabetes Mellitus..

Prof. Dr. Keri Lestari Makeup, M.Si., Apt.

President director

“After several discussions with BPOM, a middle way was finally made, BPOM creates a new food category, i.e. sweet teabags. Only then can we claim sugar-free teabags.”

Nuning Nurcayani, Apt.

Development To do


In the year 2016 conducted joint research with the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Padjadjaran (UNPAD) in West java. Research carried out includes sweet plants that can be used as a healthy substitute for sugar until finally finding stevia leaves. From there, PT Darya Padma Enoes conducts a stevia leaf nursery in Leuwigajah, West Java to be mass-produced.


The formulation of tea bags using the natural sweetener stevia was developed in 2017 thus giving birth to TEHDIA by obtaining a Home Industry Food permit (PIRT). Small-scale product launches were also carried out that year.


In the year 2018, TEHDIA which is a downstream product of the UNPAD Faculty of Pharmacy research, has pocketed a halal certificate from LPPOM MUI and has received a distribution permit from the Supervisory Agency (BPOM) as one of the functional foods that has the function of helping to control blood sugar levels. TEHDIA also successfully participated in the Business Summit in Paris in the same year.


Collaborating with GAPEKKHI (Coffee Farmers Association, garden, and Indonesian Forests) and obtaining an MD permit from BPOM was one of the strategic steps taken by PT Darya Padma Enoes to develop TEHDIA in 2019.


Year 2020 is a pandemic period that is quite testing. However, because of the quality of the product and its benefits, TEHDIA has succeeded in becoming a recommended research product Ministry of Research and Technology The Republic of Indonesia as one of the research products that functions to maintain body health during the Covid-19 pandemic.

other than that, in the same year TEHDIA also has a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point certificate (HACCP) as a guarantee of food quality as well as a quality control system for raw materials, it means that TEHDIA is a product that is ready to be mass produced and distributed more widely.

As time goes by TEHDIA now comes with new flavor variants, TEHDIA FLIES. With a blend of black tea leaves, stevia, and the special lychee aroma makes TEHDIA the only sugar-free direct sweet dip tea with a special flavor.


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