Who doesn't know tea? This one drink can indeed be considered an idol for all circles. Its refreshing taste and easy serving process make this drink a lot of fans.

Nah, for those of you who really like tea, Have you ever wondered why tea water is colored?? So are there any benefits of different colors in tea?? Are you curious about the answer?, let's find the answer from the following article review. Happy reading yes.

Why is Tea Water Colored?

For those of you who like to drink tea, Of course, you are familiar with the various colors of tea. The different colors of the tea make it more eye catching yes. It turns out that the color substance found in tea does not only work to make it look more aesthetic, but also has benefits.

The substances that give tea its color are called catechins. This can be seen clearly in the fermentation process that occurs in black tea. The fermentation process causes some of the catechins to break down into theaflavin compounds and thearubigin compounds.

Where is this theaflavin compound useful to give a yellow color?, while thearubigin compounds make it brownish red. other than that, The catechins and theaflavins contained in tea are also included in the antioxidant group which have high antioxidant abilities so that they have a positive effect on body health..

Here are some of the benefits of catechins in the body which are summarized from various sources:.

  • Lowering ReRisk of Chronic Disease

Catechins are compounds that have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. So it is useful to protect the body's cell damage caused by free radicals. This can trigger oxidative stress and inflammation.

Both conditions need to be controlled. Because if it is not controlled, it can increase the risk of chronic disease, like heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

  • Protects Heart Health

The antioxidant effect of catechins is said to reduce the risk of heart disease because it can control cholesterol, helps lower blood pressure, and reduce plaque buildup in blood vessels.

  • Maintain Brain Health

Catechins are also thought to play a role in maintaining brain health. This occurs by increasing the function of nerve cells and preventing the occurrence of degenerative brain diseases. other than that, The consumption of catechins can also reduce the risk of brain disorders caused by aging, such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.

  • Controlling Weight

There are several studies that show this. One study revealed that consuming 2 cups of tea per day is associated with reduced fat and weight.

Another study has been published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showing the same thing, consuming a tea consisting of 690 mg of catechins for 12 weeks associated with fat loss.

Nah, for those of you who want to avoid the diseases that have been mentioned above. It's good from now on to be diligent in consuming foods or drinks that contain catechins.

For diabetics, you can also consume foods and drinks that contain catechins, one of them is black tea. Black tea is useful for reducing the risk of diabetes, Consuming this type of tea and adopting a healthy diet can prevent diabetes and reduce symptoms of diabetes that can lead to complications.

Well for those of you who are on a diabetic diet, can try Tehdia, teabags made from black tea and stevia leaf sweetener. You can consume it while relaxing or before doing leg exercises, so that the exercise is more enthusiastic and the body becomes fit. For the latest information about Tehdia, Just visit the website at www.tehdia.co.id.


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